Current Projects

Current Projects

Several current project are affiliated with the SEER Center.  Click on the name of the current project listed below for more information.

DeLTA: Department and Leadership Teams for Action

The DeLTA project involves more than 100 faculty over five years in transforming undergraduate STEM education at UGA from the status quo toward new commitments, such as basing educational decisions on evidence. DeLTA will impact UGA at every level – courses, departments, and the institution – and will generate new knowledge on change in higher education that can be applied by other institutions.

GEMS: Georgia Educators in Mathematics and Science

The GEMS project is a Noyce Capacity Building project that brings together faculty from the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences (FCAS) and the College of Education (CE) to evaluate the recruitment, preparation, and induction of secondary mathematics and science teachers produced by the University of Georgia (UGA). Drawing upon collected data, evidence-based conclusions will be made that address increasing the number of highly-effective and diverse mathematics and science teachers in grades 6-12.

Measurement of Negative Mentoring in Undergraduate Research

Mentoring is an essential element of what makes research experiences valuable for undergraduates, and yet there has been little if any systematic investigation of negative mentoring experiences in undergraduate research. This project will address this major gap in knowledge by developing a high quality survey useful for measuring negative mentoring in undergraduate research. This measure will be useful for researchers, practitioners, and institutions to study the prevalence and impact of negative mentoring in undergraduate research and ultimately improve the experiences and outcomes of undergraduate researchers.