Biology Education Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Biology Education Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Biology Education Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program will prepare a diverse group of postdoctoral scholars to conduct impactful, theory-driven empirical research on critical issues in biology education. The program will leverage the expertise and ongoing cross-disciplinary research collaborations among UGA faculty across campus.

Key Features of the Program

  • The inaugural cohort will consist of four (4) fellows representing a diverse range of backgrounds, research interests, and methodologies.
  • Each fellow will be co-mentored by experts in biology education and relevant social science fields (e.g., cognitive psychology, educational psychology, higher education, measurement).
  • Each fellow will be appointed for two (2) years to start August 2024 with $70,000 annual salary and benefits (retirement, healthcare) with the option to continue pending available funds.
  • Fellows will choose a defined cross-disciplinary project to carry out to advance their knowledge and skills and be supported in developing their own independent research project. Research project themes including Equity & Justice in STEM; Institutional & Systemic Change; Learning, Cognition, & Instruction; and Design & Measurement.
  • Research training will be complemented by cohort-based and individualized professional development, including options to gain teaching and mentoring experience, complete diversity and inclusion certification, interact with a national group of experts, write papers and proposals, network at national/international meetings, explore career options, and search and apply for jobs.


Please contact Erin Dolan ( or Logan Fiorella ( with any questions. If you’d like to meet with Erin and Logan to learn more about the problem or ask any questions, please register for Virtual Drop-In Hours.

How to Apply

For more details and to apply, visit:

Candidates will need to prepare the following materials to apply:

  1. A 1-2 page cover letter describing their experiences and personal characteristics that they believe have prepared them to be a Fellow and how they can contribute to and enrich the cohort and the research community;
  2. A 1-page “curiosity” statement in which the applicant indicates two research projects (see Project Options) that spark their curiosity and how working on each of the projects would help them achieve their professional goals;
  3. curriculum vitae; and
  4. Contact information for two professional references


This work is supported by the National Science Foundation Grant No. 2328692. NSF stipulates that Fellows must be citizens, nationals and permanent residents of the United States who have recently earned a Ph.D. or will have earned their Ph.D. before beginning the fellowship.