Faculty Learning Community applications due Aug 26


Faculty Learning Community applications due Aug 26

button-archPaula Lemons, Ph.D. and Julie Luft, Ph.D. will be co-facilitating a Faculty Learning Community pertaining to the recruitment, preparation, and retention of STEM secondary teachers, which will meet during the 2016-2017 school year. While there are many goals for this Learning Community, one of the most important is to foster a purposeful discussion about recruiting, preparing, and supporting secondary STEM teachers at the University of Georgia. More information about this Faculty Learning Community website.

If you are interested in participating in this Faculty Learning Community, please make sure you fill out the application by August 26, 2016, 5:00 pm.  Registration can be completed through this link. Drs. Lemons and Luft will review the applications and  invite up to 15 people to participate (these limits are set by CLT).

If you have questions, please email Julie Luft. Also, please pass this along to others who are interested in this topic.

We look forward to working with several of our STEM colleagues in this Faculty Learning Community.

Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention of STEM Secondary Teachers

This FLC will create a collaborative faculty team who works to identify the current and potential barriers and affordances at UGA to the recruitment, preparation, and retention of STEM students into secondary teaching. With barriers and affordances identified, we will create a plan that bridges among stakeholders and conceptualizes a new or revised program that increases the number of STEM majors who are prepared to teach. This plan may include recruitment initiatives, courses, or faculty development programs.